University of Chicago Judo Club

Seriyoku Zenyo - Maximum Efficiency. Jita Kyoei - Mutual Welfare

The purpose of the study of judo is to perfect yourself and to contribute to society.

-Shihan Kano Jigoro

Judo is a Japanese Martial Art and Olympic Sport invented by Dr. Jigoro Kano in Tokyo, Japan in 1882.

Judo is a fantastic full body workout, competitive sport, recreational activity, and self defense system.

The University of Chicago Judo Club is a tight-knit club committed to providing enjoyable, rewarding, and free instruction of judo to the UChicago community. Interested parties should join our Facebook page for schedule and updates, and show up to practice in comfortable, athletic clothing ready for a rewarding workout!

Join our mailing list at or our Facebook group “UChicago Judo”. (The FB group is ‘closed’, you must ask to join.)

Questions and concerns may be sent to our Co-Presidents Katie Fox <> or Laura Gersony <>, or our Vice President, Yair Atlas <>.

Our practices are currently being led by instructor Robby Desmond <>, Shodan (first degree balck belt) from the CJBBA ( yudanshakai in the US Judo Federation ( and Olivier Kooi <>, Nikkyu (second degree brown belt).

See you on the mat!

Current practices or upcoming clinics will be in Events, there are some helpful videos in the News/Blog.​